Tea & Heart Attacks

Yearly, 647,000 Americans lose their lives to heart attacks. While many people try to combat this with various activities, it doesn’t stop the number from being tough to swallow. Fortunately, one recent study determined tea can lower the risk of heart attacks.

Testing Their Love Of Tea

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing decided to see how tea can affect the slowdown of various heart problems. For this study, they managed to grab 100,902 people with no history of heart issues. Researchers divided this group based on their tea intake. On group featured people who drink tea at least three times a week. The other group featured people who either drink less than three cups of tea per week or don’t drink tea at all.

The Results Are In

During seven years, researchers checked up on all participants to see if their health changed. The results showed avid tea drinkers had a lower risk of dying from heart attacks than non-tea drinkers. Unfortunately, some of the participants didn’t see the entire seven-year study. 1,477 participants died from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease while 5,479 died from other causes.

Tea Isn’t Everything

The results didn’t shock many tea drinkers; the drink has always been linked to a healthier lifestyle. “It’s been thought for years that drinking tea can have a positive impact on our health, however, there is currently not enough evidence to support exactly what compounds in tea elicit these health benefits and exactly what these benefits are,” British Dietetic Association spokesperson Jodie Relf said in a statement.

While tea drinkers have the advantage, many people have stated this isn’t enough to prevent a potential hospital trip. To live longer, people must make changes to their overall lifestyle. “What we need to be mindful of is that drinking tea alone is not going to improve our health, it is merely another tool to add to our belts. We cannot continue to eat high fat foods, live a sedentary lifestyle, and expect tea to solve all our problems,” Relf also said in a statement.

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