Is There Such A Thing As HEALTHY Bread?

In an effort to eat a more nutritious diet, many people believe that too much bread can be bad for their health. This belief has some merit. Many types of bread are made from highly refined flour with grains that have had much of their nutritional value removed as part of their production process. What’s left behind in the dough is often the least nutrient-dense parts of the grain. As a result, a portion of this bread can be empty calories that will spike your sugar level and leave you hungry a short time after eating it.

Bread CAN Play A Healthy Role In Your Diet

Fortunately, it is possible to make a healthier choice for bread in your diet. The same grains that go into over-processed white bread actually once contained an array of nutrients that living things in their diet. These include vitamins B and E, minerals, phytochemicals, and healthy fats. It’s worth noting that grain, on its own, can be so nutritious that it can serve as a sole food source on its own for farm animals including cattle.

True whole-grain bread types are made in such a way that they’re less refined so the entire piece of the grain, and the nutrients that go with it, become part of what you’re eating. Some manufacturers take this approach a step further and pre-sprout their grains before incorporating them into a dough. This further adds to the bread’s nutrient content.

How To Find Healthy Bread

A variety of whole grain breads, including sprouted types, are available at your local supermarket. Look for brands such as Ezekiel Bread and be sure that the words “Whole Grain” or “Sprouted Grain” are on the label.

It may take a while to get used to where to look for these types of bread in the supermarket. Sometimes they’re not in the regular bread aisle but are in a separate healthier foods section of the store. Occasionally, particularly with sprouted grain bread, loaves are located in a refrigerated area so that they stay as fresh as possible. If you’re having trouble locating them ask a store clerk for help. The nutritional results are worth the search!

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