How Blood Pressure and Dementia May Be Related

High Blood pressure may not cause any symptoms if it is for a small amount of time, but if the High blood pressure continues, then this can cause a variety of damages, including excessive heart issues, which is what High blood pressure is often known for. Many forget that the brain could also be significantly impacted due to high blood pressure as well!

Having a continued or often state of high blood pressure can lead to damage in both the small and larger blood vessels located in the brain, which is explained by Dr. Greenberg, who is a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. High blood pressure can cause the walls of the smaller arteries in the brain to thicken and can potentially “set the stage” for not only ischemic strokes but also hemorrhagic strokes.

Minor strokes can be caused by these hardened blood vessels; these are often called “silent” strokes that, if they cause damage that goes untreated, could lead to problems with cognitive thinking and thinking in general.

Dr. Greenburg also stated, “This study underscores the thinking that lowering blood pressure is likely to be an effective way to prevent cognitive impairment.”

Dementia is a mental disease that comes in a variety of different forms ranging from Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, and even other forms, which may be less common. Dr. Greenberg stated, “While we’re still waiting for a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s prevention, it’s good to know we have common medications at hand that can help prevent dementia.”

A study conducted in 2016 by The New England Journal of Medicine shows that the age-adjusted rate of dementia has been slowly dropping in time when compared to previous years.

Dementia, in the last thirty years, has when from showing up in eighty-year-olds to eighty-five years old, which can be attributed to an increase in medical focus on treating and gaining an understanding of High blood pressure and other health-related risks that can lead to dementia.

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