Coffee & Colon Cancer

Scientists have discovered a correlation between coffee consumption and the progression of advanced colon cancer. A study, which spanned over 13 years and featured 1,200 patients, revealed that coffee consumption could increase the lifespan of a patient and slow down the rapid colon cancer progression.

Although metastatic colon cancer is considered to be an incurable disease, there are several factors that may contribute to a longer life span of a patient. These include common factors such as diet and exercise. However, with this study, patients’ coffee consumption showed promising effects of extending the patient’s life span. Patients that drank one cup of coffee per day lived for 30 months after their diagnosis. However, those that drank four or more cups lived for 39 months. These benefits were notable on patients that consumed caffeinated coffee, as well as those that drank decaffeinated coffee.

Does This Mean All Colon Cancer Patients Should Start Drinking Coffee?

Christopher Mackintosh, one of the authors of the study, advised against increasing the patient’s coffee consumption solely based on this study. As more studies are needed to support this theory, it is extremely important that colon cancer patients continue to discuss their situation with their doctor. However, it was suggested that the study could be a reassurance for the patients that already love to drink coffee.

Why Did Coffee Have Such Positive Effects?

The researchers highlighted coffee’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as the main reasons behind the positive results of this study. As coffee influences blood sugar regulation, it may lead to reducing the risk of cancer. Its anti-inflammatory properties have many benefits that may have positively affected the patients in this study.

However, it’s important to note that many more studies will have to be done before the role of coffee and its relation to colon cancer is successfully proven.

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