Are You Drinking Too Much Water? (3 Signs)

You may not be aware of this, but it is possible to drink too much water. It’s commonly known as overhydration. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the way but it’s also important to make sure you’re not drinking too much water. Here are three easy ways to tell that you’re probably drinking more water than your body needs:

Urinating Too Frequently 

One surefire way to tell that you’re drinking too much water is if you’re urinating too much. Within a period of 24 hours, peeing between six and ten times per day is normal. However, if you find that you are urinating more than ten times per day, it’s likely that you’re drinking too much water.

Very Clear Urine 

It isn’t good to have dark yellow urine but it also isn’t good to have completely clear urine. Water will dilute the coloration of urine, so it’s obvious that the more water you’re drinking, the clearer your urine will be. If you are drinking too much water, you will notice that your urine is mostly clear. If it’s always totally clear, cut back on your water intake.

Your Lower Legs Are Swelled 

Overhydration can lead to your blood having lower sodium levels. When you drink more water than your body actually needs, this can cause your body to retain fluid. One of the first places that our bodies will retain water is in the lower legs. They will become swollen and this is something you should be able to notice pretty quickly.

Staying hydrated is important but rarely do people think about becoming overhydrated. It’s recommended that we drink eight glasses of water per day and to always drink water when thirsty. Keep an eye out for those three signs from your body that you are drinking too much water. They are pretty easy to notice and monitor.

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